Doug Glanville is a rare talent both on and off the baseball field. Glanville, a Teaneck, New Jersey native grew up a Phillies fan just miles away from the stadium where he would play most of his major league career. His major influence was from his father, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, who sought to achieve the American dream for his family. A true champion of education, Glanville would complete an engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania before committing to playing professional baseball. He would be the first black Ivy League graduate to play in the Major Leagues. He would spend the summer of 1990 with the collegiate Wareham Gatemen of the Cape Cod Baseball League, where he was awarded the league’s Outstanding Prospect. The center fielder was selected by the Chicago Cubs in the 1996 Major League Baseball draft and spent his minor league career. Glanville would get the opportunity to play for his childhood team the Philadelphia Phillies. In 1999, he recorded a .325 batting average, hit eleven home runs, 73 RBIs, and ranked the fourth highest hit total in the league with 204. Glanville would make another run with Chicago during the 2003 season after a trade sent him out of Texas. Known for his exceptional defense, with double-digit outfield assists, he would end his career with 293 consecutive games without a fielding error. During the 2003 NL Championship Series, he hit the game-winning triple for the Cubs. 

After collecting 1,100 career hits, Glanville would sign a one-day contract to retire with his beloved Phillies, where he played most of his career. With his passion to leave the game better than he found it, Glanville wanted to lend his voice to the game he loved. He began writing commentary and using public speaking engagements to share his life lessons that transcend sports. Glanville would also release the book, The Game from Where I stand, sharing his experience in the big leagues. The Washington Post offered the review, Glanville is a witty, insightful writer, and his detailed descriptions of the unseen banalities and secret vanities of the baseball life-are sometimes riveting and often amusing. As an entrepreneur, Glanville is the President of GK Alliance LLC, an Illinois-based company that provides intellectual capital for emerging startup companies. He also strives to add value to his community and beyond by improving community policing and through quality education advocacy. Glanville honors his father’s legacy with the Cecil E. Glanville Scholarship Fund, to offer quality education to students who wish to attend college.