Steve Canal, a giant on and off the court, was born and raised in Nyack, New York. An exemplary former NCAA D-I basketball player, he would earn a bachelor’s degree in business management from Fordham University. Canal is a well-known global motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He began his professional career as an Operations Manager at Vital Marketing in 2003. Canal would later join Miller Coors, where he served as the National Community Affairs and Field Marketing Manager. His primary focus is the growth and execution of community investments and outreach strategies at the organization. During his tenure, he would make drastic changes that would improve the company’s commercial impact globally, forging new partnerships that would increase the company’s revenue. While sharing his authentic self, Canal has the passion to connect and motivate today’s youth by touring colleges and universities across the country. 

In 2017, Canal’s debut book, A Mind of a Winner, focused on personal growth and development with contributions from Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Enitan Bereola II, Kenny Smith, and 2 Chainz. His book skyrocketed to number one on Amazon’s bestseller list in the motivational and personal transformation categories upon its release. The book brings forth practical wisdom and experiences from the minds of top industry leaders in the entertainment, sports, and real estate industries. Canal is a trusted advisor to firms around the country, who value his approach to brand strategy, business development, story-telling, and targeted amplification. He has also amassed an impressive portfolio as the co-founder of Flourysh, One Venture Group, Saint Miles, The Baptist Collection, and CEO of The Brand Executive, a personal development firm. In 2018, Canal was the recipient of the National Urban League Young Professionals Heroes in Movement Award, the Abbott House Dignity of Family Life Award, and the Publicity Club Golden Trumpet Award. He has built an unparalleled ability to fuse artistic and cultural elements to create a unique experience that surpasses expectations. Steve continues to share life-changing advice, inspirations, and positive energy which has made him a renowned speaker around the globe.