Author, speaker, and licensed therapist, Jay Barnett uses his platform and expertise to recognize and acknowledge the true unsaid emotions of athletes all around the world. As a former pro-ball player, he knows the personal crisis of living with traumatic childhood experiences, anger, and rejection. Although unspoken, like many athletes, unaddressed pain and the afterlife of sports spiraled him into suicide attempts which led him to seek the lifeline of therapy. After a long process of healing and “doing the work,” he found his true calling to help others live healed, meaningful lives, especially men.

Far more than brawn, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Science from Tarleton State University, holds two master’s degrees from North Central University, and is now on a doctoral track. A best-selling author, he has translated the lessons and strategies learned on the field and in clinical studies to his private practice and international speaking engagements that allow him to “get in the dirt” and excavate audiences living in pain.

Named, Black Enterprise’s 2019 “BE Modern Man of the Year,” Barnett is leading a powerful movement entitled Just Heal, Bro which is both the title of his new journal book for men as well as an upcoming 2022 tour.

The book addresses that men live and die in the silence of their emotions because they learn to invalidate themselves for the sake of others. This cycle has created a generation of men who have become emotionally disconnected. Just Heal, Bro is a journal to help men from all walks of life discover their voices and express their thoughts through journaling. The man who finds his voice will find his way.

He is on a mission to empower, educate and aid individuals in mental and emotional healing journeys. Taking the initiative to shine a light on undisclosed emotions, Barnett’s mission is to give men a safe space to process their deepest fears, begin with themselves, and discover freedom as they pen their thoughts.