Sonia White is a remarkable individual, USAF Veteran, Author, Philanthropist, Health Professional. Sonia is also the Founder/Chair of the SMILE Foundation Inc., a 5013c nonprofit dedicated to the support, education, encouragement, and empowerment of young minority men in STEAM education, financial literacy, and inspiring them to achieve success in life with positive mentors. She also has an outreach program, The BIRTH Project, The Bible Initiative Reaching the Homeless. It is to give hope and inspiration to those that have lost it. In addition, Sonia has recently hosted the 2nd annual Presidential Lifetime Achievement Awards event in Houston, Texas, and the first historic ever in Houston has been an enormous success. Sonia enjoys honoring those who have done extraordinary deeds and service in the community and world. The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Awards began in 2018, with Sonia hosting a small group in Houston. She is hosting an event for youth in the summer of 2022 and adults in the fall.

Sonia’s background with a BSc in Health Education from the University of Houston coupled with her experience transcending more than 20 years in the Healthcare industry focusing on radiology science has enabled her to build a successful career. Leveraging the wisdom of her knowledge and skills, she has played an enabling role in improving community laws to reduce diabetes, obesity, stroke, and Covid-19, among other health concerns.

Sonia, a United States Air Force Veteran, has learned leadership, teamwork, and organization skills unique to the armed forces, which she brings to bear in her philanthropy career. Her strong personal and professional skills make her a keen advocate for the youth, proactively seeking new opportunities to enhance her services and continually attain excellence, with youth empowerment the ultimate objective.

Sonia has participated in volunteer activities since childhood, a humanitarian to the core. With a Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Award from former President Barack Obama. Sonia has received prestigious awards and recognition for her community service and philanthropic efforts.