Women’s Transformation Specialist and Owner

Reggie Collier was previously the Trainer and Transformation Specialist at Signature Physiques Studio, but now he is the owner of RC Fitness in Houston, TX. His focus is helping women reach their full fitness potential by taking an unorthodox approach to weight loss and personal development. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Texas Southern University, Reggie began to gain an excessive amount of weight due to a lack of exercise and proper nutrition. Shortly thereafter, he decided it was time to make a change. There, is where he found his passion. His steadfast spirit and ability to push clients beyond their comfort zone is the foundation for hundreds of major transformations around the Houston area.

There are many workout programs that can and will help you, but the program Regie has designed teaches women how to make their fitness goals a mindset and lifestyle versus a quick weight loss remedy. The small group training consists of workouts that are unique, engaging and innovative. His most popular program, the 90-day Challenge, consists of 3-months of full dedication, including meal plans, progress-tracking, and intense exercise. Reggie’s proven workouts deliver amazing results by focusing on strength training, burning fat and calories, and developing healthier eating habits. All of Reggie’s sessions are result-oriented.

The main thing that makes Reggie different from other trainers is the fact that each and every one of his clients become his own project. He takes their personal goals and works diligently to help his clients succeed. Reggie has already successfully helped countless women accomplish their weight loss goals by overcoming roadblocks and obstacles along the way. Reggie has also been a highly successful fitness model, physique competitor, and a sponsored brand ambassador for CTD sports. His overall goal is to inspire his community by bringing each individual client one step closer to a healthier lifestyle. Reggie was once Houston’s best kept secret, but now the secret is out and transformations are happening daily with tons of women nationwide.