House Flippers

Jon Pierre and Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin who have been married 10 years, were hit with the house flipping bug 8 years ago after purchasing their first home. Their foreclosure find became their first adventure into major, DIY renovations. However, they poured so much love into it, they just had to make it a home for their own growing family. Since then, the couple has turned their budding enthusiasm into a full-blown mission to transform the forgotten houses in their community into outstanding homes for Houston families.

Jon Pierre Tjon-Joe-Pin left his oil industry career of 15 years behind to make the big switch to his true passion – real estate. This radical change seemed to be the right fit, with Jon winning the “Rising Star” award his very first year as a Realtor. In addition to making sure first-time homebuyers find the home of their dreams, he takes what he learns from buyers’ needs and channels it into making smart renovation decisions on the couple’s own flips. A professional photographer, Jon gains even more insight into the fast-based housing market trends by lending his photography skills to other realtors in need of showcasing their listings. And even in the midst of their real estate ventures, you’ll find Jon using his skills as a basketball referee officiating Division I, II, III college basketball games.

Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin grew up in the New Orleans area where her constant exposure to art, music, nature, and classic architecture gave her a keen eye for design. In addition to her appreciation for design and salvage, Mary brings over 19 years of hospitality/travel and service experience to the table, most recently as a flight attendant. As a part of the largest worldwide airline, she used the exposure to international design and architecture to further fuel her desire to bring singular style to each new project she works on. Mary uses these many talents to not only create unique features in homes, but to also plan an entire vision for the future families of each renovated home.

Together Jon Pierre and Mary, with their two little ones along for the crazy ride, have teamed up to transform Houston one rescued house flip at a time. And they are having a lot of fun doing it.